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Generating Power

A generator, just like a car, needs to be maintained. To do this we need to service it at least once or twice a year, or after 200 hours of use. Regular maintenance ensures we keep our generator in top working order. Look at it this way, if we service the generator, the generator will service us. If we do not service the generator, we will be sitting without power and paying a hefty amount of money to get it fixed, because if you do not take care of something, it falls apart.

The amount of maintenance needed depends on how often you use your generator. If your generator gets a workout every weekend or holiday, you will need to service your generator more often than your neighbour, who only uses theirs on the rare occasion that the power cuts out. Being proactive is a good thing. Using clean fuel and regularly checking your oil and air filters could have your generator working for you for a very long time. Reading the owner’s manual can also help us understand our generators better, thereby allowing us to take better care of them.

Generator Power Johannesburg

Servicing our generators ourselves is a good thing. We do it often and it does not cost a thing, but hiring a professional has its own benefits. It is just once a year anyway. Okay, let’s be honest, they know what they are doing, and at the end of the day it is better for us anyway. Having a professional service your generator gives you peace of mind, because no matter how diligently you try to maintain your generator, it is their job. Most generator companies offer onsite maintenance and a variety of services. They are bound to be better at it than you are.