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Generator Services

Preventive maintenance for diesel engine generators plays a critical role in maximizing reliability, minimising repairs and reducing long-term costs. Preventive maintenance consists of the following operations:

  • General inspection
  • Lubrication service
  • Cooling System Service
  • Fuel System Service
  • Servicing and testing batteries
  • Regular engine exercise

It is generally a good idea to establish and adhere to a schedule of maintenance and service based on the specific power application and the severity of the environment.

Factors that can affect the maintenance schedule include:

  • Using the generator set for continuous duty (prime power)
  • Extreme ambient temperatures
  • Exposure to weather
  • Exposure to salt water
  • Exposure to dust, sand or other airborne contaminates.

Enercogen can maintain & service all brands of generators and we have a variety of maintenance plans on offer.

Generator Repairs

When repairs to your generator set become a necessity, Enercogen has the dedicated technical specialists and repair facilities. Our on-site and in-house team is trained to assess your unit’s problems and resolve the issue. Our technical team work diligently on your behalf, and are dedicated to providing fast, dependable repairs.

Fuel Deliveries

Enercogen offer a 24-hour refuelling service in the Gauteng area.


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