We specialise in Generator Hire & Sales in Gauteng and Surrounding Areas

We have proven ourselves as a major player in the power supply and maintenance arena. Enercogen prides itself on understanding the client and developing solutions accordingly. Our generator hire and sales offering is unmatched and uncompromising.


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We offer the following generator power and energy supply services:

Generator Hire Services in Gauteng and the North West Province, South Africa

Our dynamic, professional and experienced staff members are at your service which makes us the premium supplier of generator power in South Africa. We offer generator purchases and generator hire services for various time periods. If you require power for your business or event please give us a call.

We are committed to providing excellence ensuring the best results all-round. 

Generator Hire South Africa

Generator Sales and Hire Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Our sales and rental services are incomparable. We offer the best service and the best solutions for your event and business needs. We have established ourselves as a premium power supplier and plant hire company in most of South Africa and continue to pride ourselves on rock-solid values that ensure we offer you our highest level of excellence.

In need of a diesel generator in Johannesburg? Call us, we are up to the challenge. We have generators for sale and generator hire solutions that will suit your needs. We offer the fastest solutions for generator hire in Randburg, Gauteng. Try us!

Generator Service South Africa

Based in Gauteng, Enercogen Generator Hire & Sales supplies energy solutions for any purpose from entertainment events to mining shutdowns.

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ENERCOGEN is a Generator Sales and Hire company that focuses on customer delivery, quality, safety, and most of all service excellence.

Our ability to develop power solutions is unrivaled. With unmatched expertise in a variety of industries, our people can solve any challenge – no matter what your industry sector and what your application. We are therefore the absolute best choice for generator hiring services.



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