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Fuel your rentals

As investments go, a generator is a good one. However, having a generator and not having enough fuel, not so good. The fuel recommended in the generator instructions is the only fuel you should use. Do not use a different fuel; instructions are there for a reason. Before refuelling, always turn the generator off and let it cool down. Any spills should be cleaned up immediately. Your generator oil should also be kept away from your home. Being vigilant and responsible around fuel and machinery is not only beneficial to you, but also your friends and family.

The most commonly used fuels for generators are natural gas, gasoline, propane and diesel. Unfortunately, they all have disadvantages along with their advantages. Some fuels are easier to obtain than others are. Some are noisy. One may last long while another has the capability to keep going in freezing conditions. Natural gas is the only uninterrupted source of fuel. A gas line delivers the fuel, so there is no need to add fuel to the generator. It is up to us to decide what works best for us.

Generator rentals in Gauteng

There are companies that offer a full range of rental power solutions, including distribution panels, power cables and fuel tanks. From construction companies to entertainment, from health care to retail services. There are companies who provide rental power solutions to varied industries.

Choosing the right fuel for you could mean the difference between frustration and contentment. Taking the time to ask questions only means that you are going to get what you want. Their consultants are generally knowledgeable about their products and are more than happy to share that knowledge with you.