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Whenever we are buying anything, we think of the cost first. With generators, we not only need to think of the cost of buying one, but also the cost of fuelling it. Their advantages and disadvantages to everything, so your best option is to find out which disadvantages you can live with.

SO, diesel generators are generally heavy and though they are noisy, there are ways to reduce the noise level. Diesel fuel is also less volatile than other fuels and has a higher fuel efficiency, not to mention safer (not flammable). What makes diesel fuel a great choice is that diesel generators are actually really resilient. In addition, no, you cannot use petrol or other fuels in a diesel generator. If you service your generator properly, it could keep servicing you for a good long time.

Taking into account the cost of fuel, how often you are going to use the fuel and the cost of keeping your generator maintained, diesel fuel should be your first choice. In the long run, diesel generators could end up saving you money. It is always best to pay the price for quality rather than going with affordability. Affordability may work for you at first, but fuel costs and maintenance does add up.

Luckily, there are also companies who have diesel generators for hire. Whether you feel the need to try it before you commit to buying it, or opt to hire instead of purchase, diesel generators are a great choice.